Spring Fling

Spring Fling

School and work can get so hectic sometimes I forget to take a quick breather and absorb my surrounding - especially the city. I can't wait for spring to come faster because everyone just seems more content (aka me) with everything and everyone, but hey, who doesn't like sipping on a cup of coffee outside of Starbucks while staring at cute puppies with their good lookin owners? SIGN ME UP. But I promise that's not the only reason why I'm excited for spring...my inner Cali girl can definitely use some sunshine, spring breeze, and sandals.


But spring isn't just about the good weather and the adorable puppies...there's this feeling about putting away all the heavy marshmallow jackets and ugly bulky sweaters in a box. It's like looking at your spotless and beautifully organized room after an intense cleaning session right after finals week. Feels good right?


This flutter sleeve turtleneck is one of the few pieces I decided to leave out because it's too cute to put it away just yet. It's a basic piece with a hint of spring with the flutter sleeve. I've been wearing this turtleneck nonstop - literally it's all over Instagram. You can see how I styled it here, which looks dressier with my Burberry trench coat, the pencil skirt I got from Korea, and my current favorite booties. A more casual look would be what I'm wearing here - with a pair of jeans!


I've seen so many influencers wear this type of turtleneck to fashion shows in Paris and Milan. Even designers are including it in their Fall/Winter 2018 collections - like Chloé, DVF, Chanel, etc. I was able to find an affordable version in Forever 21 (what?!). Anyway, happy spring :)



Forever 21 flutter sleeve turtleneck (similar here)

Forever 21 flared jeans (similar here and here)

Fendi belt

LEA black booties