A Burberry Trench Coat

A Burberry Trench Coat

Winter seems to be lasting longer than usual. As a Cali girl, I am trying my best to survive in this 20 degree weather by bundling up in my blankets with my hot chocolate and coconut chips while watching my current favorite show - the office! But I can only be a bed potato for so long before I get bored being in my room all day...and running out of groceries...and ruining my New Year resolution...


I couldn’t wait any longer despite the cold, so I FINALLY busted out this piece I have been dying to wear! Mother Nature probably heard me complain 24/7 about the weather and was nice enough to give one day that I wouldn’t die just opening my window.


Long coats have definitely been the “it” item for this winter and trench coats are no exception. I have fallen in LOVE with my spanking new Burberry trench coat! This beautiful coat has quickly become one the most classic and expensive clothing in my wardrobe. BUT I REGRET NOTHING.


Trench coats are so versatile and so easy to style. It looks good with basically anything! I tried styling multiple outfits for this coat, and my favorite combo was this one. I paired it with two of my favorite pieces right now - a black turtleneck and a pair of velvet pants. But if you’re going with the comfortable route, I would also pair this coat with a previous outfit I styled here. Of course, this coat has the ability to be dressed up with a beautiful dress like this or this. I could imagine myself wearing an all beige outfit with nude heels styled with this trench coat. You really can't go wrong with anything!



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