90's KID

90's KID

My motivation level has been at an all time low even though finals week is next week, and this rainy and dreary weather is not helping at all...I should be getting my life together for school, but reminiscing the one sunny day mother nature has blessed us with last week is more of a priority right?


Since it was still a little chilly with the sun (Why Philly? Whyyy?), I wore a turtleneck with this overall and I thought it was super appropriate! To finish off the look, I threw on my favorite combination right now - Oh Wonder socks and a pair of white chucks! 


Also, do you remember the last time you wore overalls?! This brings back so many middle school memories. I had to contain myself from buying like 10 of the same overalls...my friend told me I was being ridiculous. But I'm so glad this trend is coming back!

Let me know what trend you're obsessed with right now - I'd love to know :)


Ok. Back to studying...



Iceberg turtleneck (similar here)

Forever 21 overalls (similar here and here)

Oh Wonder socks